Our Story

About Us

It all started in 2015 in New York City. After a bad experience with a faulty knife bag we discovered several inefficiencies in the knife bag products available. We noticed that many of the designs were not suitable for most chefs. Shortly after that we started researching and developing our first knife roll prototype. With the help of several chefs we launched our first knife roll on June 2016. Since then we have expanded our product line and we now offer 7 proprietary knife bag designs, some in multiple colors. After extensive research and development, we launched our first proprietary product line of knife guards in 2017. We have now expanded our knife guard offerings into multiple sets and provide protection for all types of chef knives, including meat cleavers. Throughout the years we have made substantial improvements to our products with the valuable feedback from our customers. We take pride in being a customer-centric company and the satisfaction of our customers remains our top priority.


Company Profile

  • EVERPRIDE was founded in 2015 in New York, USA.
  • We sell our proprietary knife storage products.
  • EVERPRIDE team includes reputable chefs and industry veterans with the goal of providing improved, innovative, and high-quality knife storage products for those who work in the culinary industry.
  • Working hours are  9.00 – 18.00 from Monday to Friday and 9.00 -13.00 on Saturday.     
  • Our products are also available for purchase through amazon.com.



    • Knife Bags 
    • Knife Rolls
    • Knife Blade Guards